Basics of the Outdooractive app for ViewRanger users

The Outdooractive app requires Android 5.1 or higher or iOS 9.3 or later.

Navigating the Outdoor active app

The equivalent of the green bar at the top of the screen in the ViewRanger app is the dark grey bar at the foot of the Outdoor active app, apart from the Menu tab, which is now a menu button, in the top left.

Travel Guides

Learn about an area using the Travel Guides feature at the top of the map.

New feature

Travel guides, in-app, is a new feature will be new to ViewRanger users!

In this example, the button to access the travel guide for "Cumbria" is shown.

Travel Guide 'Cumbria'

Learn more about Travel Guides at

Plans / Routes

First you plan your route and create what is known as a 'plan' for your own navigational use.  If you wish, you can turn the plan into a route to share with others.


We did not have the two-step Plan > Route process in the ViewRanger app as we just had Private / Public routes.  Routes are sometimes referred to as Tours.

Search for Routes / Tours and Places

You can search for Routes in two ways; use the menu button (top left), Routes or "Search this area" near the foot of the map. Tap "Filter" at the top of the screen, tap "Choose category", tap "Routes" and make required selections and apply the filter to find routes.

Search Routes filter

If you move the map you can use "Search again here".  You can see the results on the map or tap "List" at the foot of the map.

Learn more about Searching for Routes at

Plan a Route

You can plan a route by tapping the green button in the top right corner of the map.

Plot a Route (green button in top right)

You plan your routes with automatic routing. Open the tour planner in the app. Then you will find a small magnet at the bottom of the display (where you can also select the activity or undo the planning steps). Tap on this magnet to turn if off and you plan without a trail network.

Auto Plot a Route- use the magnet and activity icon.


Automatic routing was a PREMIUM feature under ViewRanger but is free in Outdooractive.

Your saved planned routes can be found under the Profile icon (My page) at the foot of the screen.

Learn more about Planning a route at

Saving a Route you created in the Route Editor (Plan or Route)

Plans form the base of a “route” and cannot be published. The second stage involves turning this plan into a route, which you can then publish if you want. As soon as a route is created from a plan, the plan is deleted.

The advantage of this two-step process is that it provides you with a useful and quick overview of where you are in the development of the route. You can also use this feature to create a simple interim plan when you are out and about and then edit it later in detail to create a route which you can then publish.

Learn more about Plans at

Publish your Route

New feature

Unlike in ViewRanger, you can publish your route in the app!

Learn more about Publishing at route at

Synchronize Content

Learn more about Synchronizing Tours between the app and the website at

POIs (Points of Interest)

Sync'ed POIs can be found in the app under "My Page", Points.  To view them on the list at the "Map" button at the foot of the POI list.

GPX files

Learn more about Import / Export of GPX files at


Topo layer

There is no map list in Outdooractive app - use the layers button on the map screen (lower right) and select "Topo" then zoom the map into the area to display the topographic maps.

Tutorial: Offline storage in the Outdooractive app

Learn more about Offline Storage at


To start navigation: 
Step 1: Find the plan / route you want to navigate. If it is one of your own routes, you will find it under your name on the right top -> My Content -> Routes. Alternatively, you can open routes from the Route Finder
Step 2: Tap on "Start navigation" in the menu and off you go.

Navigate a Plan or Route

Track is always recorded

When following a route, a track is always recorded, just like ViewRanger app...

Learn more about Navigation at

Track Recording

To start the tracking, tap on the "double circle" at the bottom right (second symbol from the right). As soon as you press "Start", the tracking starts.  Drag the bar down from the top to see statistics.

Track Recording

To end track record press 'Pause', 'End' and save the track.  Saved tracks can be found under My Page, Tracks.


Keep your family and friends updated on your location during a trip so that nobody worries where you (and your group) are and you can be found quickly in case of any emergency.  Find out more here.

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